UniTrust Agency Business Overview

This 35 minute video will explain our market, lead system, training, and promotional system.  Most common questions can be answered by watching this in it's entirety. We aren't looking for anybody; we are looking for those who are humble and hungry and are willing to grow and challenge themselves within our system.  







UniTrust Agency - Who are we looking for?

Pete Beckman, Agency Partner, takes 5 minutes to discuss the types of candidates that we are looking to hire.  We realize that the success of our company is a direct reflection of the quality of our team and leadership.  The individuals we are seeking have a mission and drive, a work ethic, clear focus on their strenghts, decisive goals, and a winning attitude.  We are a new company, but certainly not a start-up shop.  We are looking for those who can embrace our system and carry a mindset of humility and gratitude.  We look forward to speaking to you for a 30 minute Q&A session.






Featured Story – The Sylvesters

Dick and Connie Sylvester, owners of The UniTrust Agency come with over 20 years experience in our business.  They were running a very successful business doing over $15,000,000 in business when they decided to walk away and join Equis Financial.  It was a huge decision but Dick says, "We couldn't help but build our team and business with Equis.  There's truly nothing like this company in our industry today."  With their leadership in the UniTrust Agency, our team and company continue to achieve new heights each month.  




The Regional Manager Opportunity

Barry Clarkson, President & CEO of Equis Financial discusses what our leadership team means to our company and our growth.  If you're looking at our company to grow as a Regional Manager, it will take intentional cultivation of our values and culture to each team member.  The opportunity at this ground floor opportunity is unlike anything in our market today.




The Life of and Equis Financial Agent

President and CEO Barry Clarkson joins Glenn Davies to discuss the everyday lives, responsibilities and schedules of Equis Financial agents. Barry touches on the importance of managing time effectively, maintaining a schedule of daily activity and the training tools available to ALL Equis agents.





Equis Financial Asheville, NC Home Office

Located in Asheville, North Carolina, one of Equis Financials home offices’ is home to the Contracting Department, Agent Services Department and New/Pending Business Department.


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